“I hear her whisper under her breath that everything will be all right. I want to believe her, but I know she’s wrong. Things haven’t been all right at Braveland Zoo for a very long time.” –Ariella

Braveland Zoo is desperately in need of new leadership. The few workers that haven’t abandoned it are coming together to bring the rundown place back to life. There is hope on the horizon until their tiger, Shagakhan, is discovered missing, and it’s only a matter of time before animals are found dead in their cages.
Shagakhan is on the prowl, and the new zoo keepers are on the menu.
Perhaps the only person who might be able to talk him out of revenge is an autistic girl who can’t speak.
Can Shagakhan be contained before all is lost?

In the spirit of Jurassic Park the classic Jumanji comes an all new thrilling children’s horror story for the ages.

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