You Can’t Hide from Chriskahzaa

The annual Chriskahzaa song festival in the bustling city of Lurvaine is a beloved holiday tradition. No one would EVER dare threaten the festival…would they?

Well, it turns out someone WOULD, in fact, dare, and it’s up to Heloise the Bard to stop the nefarious ne’er-do-well, with a little assistance (very little, in fact) from her giant adventuring companion Grimple. First, however, she’s got to solve a mysterious murder, survive an encounter with the Ghosts of Chriskahzaa, and figure out who, exactly, is behind the plot to harm the merry revelers, who are too drunk on spiced krumk to even realize they’re in danger.

And maybe, just maybe, she can find time to craft an entry for the coveted Song of the Season contest…

All in a day’s work for Erithea’s smartest, wittiest, cleverest, honey-voicedest storyteller.