Water Against Chaos

Book one of The Cordela Chronicles

Cordela is a young woman seeking to devote her life to something important. A chance quest to find a stolen gem uncovers a vast conspiracy of chaos, led by a shadowy black wizard. To counter this threat and lead the great battle to restore order and balance, Cordela must instead accept her own importance. Will she have the fortitude to take down the black wizard? Or will she find that he serves even greater forces?

This novelization of an actual-play Tabletop Role Playing Game follows one simple rule. If it happened at the table, it goes in the book! Discover this fantasy world and its inhabitants along with the characters and the players who played them. Experience as the relationships, friendly, rivalrous, and antagonistic, develop just as they did at the table. Share the fun, excitement, and drama of fantasy roleplaying like never before.


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