To the Sea

Kai Kūulu, half Hawaiian and half Swedish, is a normal 15 year old hapa boy living in Mid-Coast Maine when his mother suddenly dies. To escape the pain, Kai’s Hawaiian father, Keaka, moves them to his birthplace of Pahoa, Hawaii. Kai is thrust into a culture he knows little of, but is lucky to have three cousins by his side to show him the way. Soon after his arrival, Kai meets the beautiful Leilani from the Lona Hui. Kai, being from the Kūulu Hui, knows that the families have a centuries old hatred of each other. Leilani is also the daughter of Keaka’s former best friend and now enemy. Kai’s cousins and Leilani introduce him to dormant gifts and is able to explore in the safety of Hawaiian waters and on land. Kai learns his history, why his Scandinavian side is looked down upon in the islands, and why his father kept secret Kai’s gifts. The teens do not realize that that the Gods are awaken to the Norse blood now in Hawaiian waters and an unlikely bond is formed between the two Hui’s to rescue young love. Kai is in a battle against time to learn his gifts and unify people of land and sea.