The Shoreless River

Book Two of The Crane Moon Cycle
Caught in a demon’s curse, bound by a phoenix’s sacrifice, she now holds power beyond all other mortals. And she is utterly helpless.

Aili Fallon will never be an ordinary woman again. Immortal, invulnerable to all injury, Aili is tormented by the pain of her two lives, her spirit entrapped in the demonic array.

But Liu Chenguang is no ordinary phoenix, and she will never give up. She carries her final hope for Aili’s healing to the Daxian Republic, into a war where neither mortals nor phoenixes are safe.

Demon Zhu Guiren has his own reasons to accompany her, striving with Tainu, the eldest phoenix, to break the great array that holds two million mortal souls, defying the dangers that only he can foresee.

As they draw near the secret of Zhu Guiren’s power and Tainu’s hidden past, the stakes of their quest grow ever higher. And as the Sorrowful River devours the land, together they will all risk their lives and hearts to break the ancient curse.

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