The Scorched Sky

When Earth faces an alien threat… how do you fight back?

Chicago. High in the sky above Lake Michigan, witnesses watch a tear in the very fabric of space open, and an enormous implacable black disc pushes its way through.

The media call it…The Breach.

From this mysterious invader, a swarm of insect-like aliens descend upon the city, tearing it apart building by building. As a city in terror tries to fight back, scientists Kyle and Melissa Jordan try to decipher the alien’s secrets. Where did they come from? Why are they here? And why is everyone getting sick?
The military machine falters under the alien assault, swiftly coming to the realization that a non-human threat requires a super-human response.
Superheroes exist. Standing alone all over the world, they are a disconnected force for good.

Kasai. Shield Maiden. Rogue.
Knightingale. Reflex. Ecstasy.
Honsou. Centurion.

Fire, forcefields and energy blasts.
Healing, speed and illusions.
The soldier and the robot.

Different powers, different nationalities, and
different life experiences. Now they must all come together.
One purpose. One place.

If they fall, if they fail, everyone will pay
the price.

To defend our planet Chicago must
become a city of heroes.