The Goddess & the Woodsman

Book One of the Goddessverse series
Habonde Barleywine trusts she has a solution. Problem is, this goddess of the hearth has lost her temples, her acolytes, and many of her key memories. How is she going to persuade sistren like Demeter, Persephone, and Brigid to support her grand ambition, when she needs to put her own house in order?

Baubo, goddess of mirth and Habonde’s BFF, offers support in her own bawdy way. But things get complicated when Hades shows up in need of a favor and Zeus’s ego is threatened.

Over the centuries, Habonde’s dalliances with dryads, naiads, and other immortals have kept her entertained. However, no one has ever captured her heart. Her unfinished business with the Woodsman—who seems to remember every moment of their shared past—could be the key to her undoing.

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