The First Light

Book One of the Gates of Divinity
Lucifer is set free after serving 1,000 years in the Abyss from his defeat in the first war on Heaven. Determined to be the one above all, he sets his sights back on Heaven once again and declares a second war on Heaven. As he carefully makes preparations, ensuring he does not make the same mistakes as the first time. The hierarchy of Hell and all of its subjects rally and assemble for war. One fallen angel seeking redemption, reveals Lucifer’s plans to the angels of Heaven. He is quickly discredited and dismissed. One angel, however takes his words to heart and manages to receive the aid of one of his fellow angels to lead an unsanctioned covert operation with six other angels to recon Hell’s circles for information to bring back to Heaven. As both sides of the Christian divinity fight and struggle to achieve their goals, they haplessly uncover the existence of the gates of divinity which act as a portal to other existing religions/mythologies. They quickly learn that they are not the only religion in existence and have to come to terms that their god is not the one and only, but that there are many gods in existence.