The Blood of the Spear


Book One of The Eye of Eternity series

Two brothers. One prophecy. A world on the brink of destruction…

Kaiel Toranth is overflowing with regret. Absent during his mother’s final days he is determined to pass the Trials and join the elite Daemon Hunters, hoping to build a safer future for himself and his brother, Darien.

For centuries, the Summoners led humanity to heights undreamt of by their star-faring forefathers. But in their pursuit of power and immortality, ten Summoners opened a gateway to the Void and fell prey to daemonic possession. The war that followed destroyed the civilization the Summoners had built, and the Sundering changed the face of the world forever.

Three thousand years later the broken continent of Athmay still bears the scars of the War of the Summoners. When an unexpected battle with a daemon reveals Kaiel and Darien’s connection to a forbidden Summoner bloodline they find themselves on the run from friends and foe alike, for at the end of the war, seers foretold that the Summoners and the daemon hordes would return. And that an Empyros – the most powerful of all Summoners – would be born. If prophecy holds true, the brothers may hold the fate of the world in their hands…

The Blood of the Spear is the fast-paced first book in The Eye of Eternity epic fantasy series. If you like flawed heroes, edge-of-your-seat action, and intricate world-building, then you’ll love Mark Timmony’s character-driven adventure.