Stella Andromeda Sunne has always dreamed of exploring the universe. She knows astronomy is in her blood, and not just because her mother and father are astrophysicists. No, there’s something about her visits to grandad’s house too. From a very young age Stella’s dreamed of travelling the stars.

Imagine her surprise when her cosmic dreams come true in the form of a space chicken. The worst possible space ship disguise ever.

Soon enough Stella’s whisked away on an intergalactic adventure. Unfortunately her little brother has tagged along for the ride. She contends with aliens of a ‘fowl’ nature, an ice king with tentacle hair, space elves, and a whole lot more.

What else can Stella possibly deal with? Oh she’s supposed to save every known species in the galaxy as well? Bring it on. Just so long as she’s got laser guns, family, and the help of new found alien friends. Anything’s possible. It’s her cosmic destiny. Or so she hopes.

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