Sovereign Blades

Skye has always known her purpose in life. As the third child of Eskeleth’s king, she’s spent years learning the skills of war and death, to protect her country and the older sister who will one day be queen.

Except disaster has befallen the royal family, and from assassin-in-training, Skye has become next in line to the throne. In the name of revenge, she must return to a land plagued by ghosts – and bordered by a rapacious Empire – to enter a world of intrigue and politics, and to fight for her crown against a Council that will do anything to keep her from it.

Skye’s rule was foretold by prophecy, though, and it promises Eskeleth’s end in blood and fire. If she’s to save her kingdom, she will need to become both princess and assassin, or everything she’s ever loved will be destroyed.