Slice of Death

Book One of the Harker & Blackthorn series
Telekinesis, noun

1) The psychic ability to move objects without physically touching them.

2) A blatant disregard for the laws of physics.

3) An interesting way to screw up your career (see also ‘flammable’)

Amy Matthews is proud of being one of the youngest ever doctors of particle physics. Her life in Oxford is just about perfect – well, except for colleagues who won’t take her seriously, a pushy megacorporation trying to ‘buy’ her department and her inability to teach a class without the equipment mysteriously bursting into flames.

But everything is normal, right? Amy is certain she can’t be causing all those electrical fires.

A volatile encounter with a troubled stranger and a rash of mysterious deaths across the city send Amy tumbling down a path she thought she’d left in the past. Forced to admit she has no control over her growing psychic abilities, Amy pitches herself into a life and death struggle against a dangerous entity. She must master her long neglected talent or pay the ultimate price.

An inhuman presence hunts the city’s sleeping inhabitants. A creature which creeps in by night…and feeds.

But how can Amy hope to survive when she can’t stop breaking the laws of physics?

Slice of Death is the first book in the pulse-pounding Harker & Blackthorn series. If you like snarky heroines, thrilling mysteries, shadowy scientific organisations and enigmatic creatures, try this kickass urban fantasy adventure series.