Shackles of the Storm

How different is a powerless djinn from a mere human?

In the fractured desert kingdom of Seiran, the demons of wind, fire, and waves faded into fairy tales. But when a cult of strangers arrives looking for a djinn, people are forced to ponder the possibility someone around them is more than they seem. And to worsen this thought, the strangers are asking for Zaira, a fugitive and alleged murderer.

Zaira is a djinn indeed, but she’s no killer. A thief maybe, a criminal sentenced into a human body, but she has nothing to do with any human deaths. She’s without power, only helped by the brash mercenary Ezair, striving to untangle this web of intrigue before either the guards or the cult gets to her, leaving the real killer on the loose.
They soon realize that Zaira isn’t the only djinn in town, and this simple murder isn’t so simple either. As the pair forms an unlikely friendship, gathering allies from Kahlaran’s highest and lowest class, a much larger conspiracy unfolds, and enemies more powerful than they could imagine reveal themselves.

Discovering the truth isn’t just personal now – it might be the only option to prevent the war about to engulf the desert. When swords and wits fail, can Zaira break the shackles locking away her powers – or will they succumb to the manipulation of their foes.

Shackles of the Storm is a blazing adventure in a world of magic, miracles, and demons, where nothing is as they seem.


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