Scales Like Stars

“The longer I stay in Promeiya, the more I envision myself staying forever.”

Liam’s life has hit rock bottom. When he takes a walk to the beach to clear his mind and gain some
much-needed perspective, a fated accident brings him closer than ever to a man from his past: Kade. Kade is a merman, and while he and Liam were once classmates years ago, they were never able to take their friendship much further. Now that they’re a part of each other’s lives once more, it seems their budding romance will finally have a chance to flourish. Or will it?

With a bit of magic, Liam’s able to live in Kade’s world and starts to see his life in an exciting new way. As much as he wishes to spend the rest of his days with Liam, Kade isn’t so sure his new beau will be able to survive the dangers of the ocean for long.

SCALES LIKE STARS is a monster romance novella that will take around two hours to read. It’s the first story in a new series, with the second book coming later in 2022. Be sure to follow the author for updates on when the book will become available.

Content Warnings: Depression, anxiety, violence that results in bodily harm, off-page death of a pet, off-page death of family members. Please read with care.