Book One of The Withrow Chronicles
Withrow Surrett is more than just his neighborhood’s resident curmudgeon. He’s the self-declared vampire lord of North Carolina, he bakes a mean batch of biscuits, and he’s at a meeting of his homeowner’s association. When the dead rise, which will Withrow’s neighbors find worse: the creatures outside or the monster who might be their only hope?

Across the state, Jennifer McCordy is a genius stuck in a dead-end job, waiting for opportunity to knock and starting to think maybe it went to the wrong address. When Jennifer takes matters in hand to save herself, will the people around her trust her competence or surrender to their own prejudices?

And when Withrow and Jennifer meet, will anything survive?

Perishables is a sometimes-funny, sometimes-terrifying, utterly original novel in three parts about reclusive vampires, reluctant heroes, questionable potlucks, late-night electronics sales, retail hell, unexpected friendships, and post-apocalyptic recipes.

It’s the first in the five-book series The Withrow Chronicles, the story of a sarcastic gay vampire and his dog, his go-go boy cousin, and the witches, ghosts, demons, and robots they meet along the way to confronting conspiracies, horrors, and all manner of trouble.