On Borrowed Luck


Book One of The Chanmyr Chronicles
In the world of powerful Lords, fortunes can be made… but mistakes are never forgiven.
Escaping from local thugs, Kirrin gets caught hiding on the estate of a powerful nobleman. Accused of theft and trespassing, he is sentenced to work on the estate.

Impressed by his sharp wit and determination, his new Overlord trains Kirrin to be a finely tuned fighting machine.

Thrilled by the challenge and the gold he’s paid, Kirrin never asks questions.
Then the tasks begin, each more illegal and difficult than the last.

Then, his fortunes take a desperate turn when a daring mission results in the death of a prominent noble.
With Blood on his hands, Kirrin worries that he’s caught in a mistake with no way out.

Only Kirrin and his overlord know the truth about what happened. And he knows that two people with a dangerous secret might be one too many. Will the next blood spilled be his own?