Obsidian Island

Emery Lapwing is only interested in two things: exploring the natural world, and pretending he’s not in love with his closest friend, Captain James Rawlings of The Achillean. The first is easy: James will sail him anywhere he wants to go. The second, Emery has been doing for the past ten years.

Emery’s routine is shattered when he and James are swept overboard in a lightning storm. When the storm passes, they find themselves on the glittering pink beach of an unmapped island where no one has ever walked before.

The island seems like the perfect place to recuperate as they wait for rescue, brimming with miraculous new species to be discovered. And a thousand miles from civilization, it’s all too easy for Emery to imagine kissing James. In London, it was unthinkable—a kiss between two men meant the gallows if they were caught. On the island, it means risking James’ friendship when they most need each other to survive.

But attraction isn’t the only peril they face. The island hides a dangerous secret, and James and Emery aren’t the only castaways falling under its spell. Monstrous creatures stalk their every move and something is taking root in their dreams, luring them deeper into the island’s deadly, tropical heart.

The island offers Emery everything he has ever dreamed of. But all dreams require a sacrifice. And the island is hungry.