Mortal End

*WARNING!* Adult content.

A gothic horror novel that has grabbed the attention of genre fans around the globe. Mortal End combines true crime with Grimm to provide a fast-paced adult fairy tale romp through the darkest recesses of your imagination, as you discover where all the children have gone…and why.

A raging fire in Phooka Wood wakes up Mortal End and threatens to burn the village down.

Aenus P. Wordsworth, the Rector and his grave-digging sidekick Savant Poe, set off to investigate.

As the smoking embers cool, all that’s left is a giant lump of fossilised candy filled with human bones.

Who do they belong to and why are they there?

Will you work out whodunnit before Wordsworth and Poe in this dark and gruesome murder mystery?