Memory & Desire

When a rich socialite from the exclusive Upper region of Neo Tokyo needs help finding her missing husband, Jennifer Yanchez thinks her luck is finally changing. A decade after her girlfriend Hiro was killed, Jennifer is still trapped deep in the bottle and even deeper in debt, but this job promises to change all that. However, when a visit to the woman’s apartment ends in a fiery explosion, Jennifer finds herself drawn into the orbit of a mysterious, robot-fighting woman who seems to be aligned with a terrorist cell. Distracted by her employer’s erotic advances and haunted by memories of her girlfriend’s death, Jennifer needs to sort the truth from the lies before the past repeats … and she ends up dead herself.

“Memory & Desire” is the first in The Jenifer Yanches Diaries, a series following the adventures of a cyberpunk private-eye. It is also part of the Postcards from Neo Tokyo universe, short pieces of fiction all taking place in a shared dystopian future where robots rule the world and humanity teeters on the brink of existential extinction … or liberation.