Loch & Quay

Book Two of the Harker & Blackthorn series
Loch, noun

1) A Scottish word, of Goidelic origins, referring to a lake or large body of fresh water.

2) See also ‘monster’

When Amy is invited to spend a week in Scotland in order to disprove the existence of the famous cryptid said to haunt Loch Ness, she jumps at the chance. If nothing else, it will be a welcome distraction from her hot and cold romantic relationship, her annoying boss and the mountains of cryptozoology notes that need filing in the museum.

But as she, Rebekah and Steve arrive at the loch, it becomes clear that the recent slew of ‘monster’ sightings have gone viral, attracting amateur cryptid hunters and news outlets alike. After clashing with the Cryptonites – a once popular paranormal documentary making team – Amy and her friends soon discover a tangled web of secrets concerning the loch.

Every legend contains a kernel of truth and Harker & Blackthorn’s enemies are willing to kill over this one. Amy will need every scrap of her hard-won power to make it out alive.

There’s something in the water…