“There’s something here, beneath the surface. Something alive. Can’t you feel it? Don’t you want to…join it?”


The last thing Charlie Hope wants is to get into magical politics – especially when she’d rather spend all her time singing in the woods. But when her father gives her an ultimatum she cannot ignore Charlie reluctantly becomes assistant to Mr Silver, immortal magician extraordinaire and one of the biggest political influences in the country.

The last thing Daniel Silver wants is to look after a precocious young woman whilst working to avoid all-out war with foreign magical factions. Yet though Charlie hides the true extent of her abilities from the enigmatic man, it isn’t long before Silver is drawn in by what’s lurking beneath the surface of his unwilling protégé.

As tensions rise between Silver and Charlie and war between factions becomes inevitable, something deep and ancient and forgotten may just be using their petty distractions as a means to crawl back into existence and obliterate them all.


The first volume of the Gold and Silver duology, Intended is a brand new mythology-soaked fantasy from the acclaimed author of Prince of Foxes, H. L Macfarlane. It is an enchanting read ideal for fans of Uprooted, Howl’s Moving Castle and Shadow & Bone.