Choice of the Traveler

Book One of the Traveler series
When Betha transfers to her best friend’s university to study, life is looking hopeful.

Her dream to open up her own café could finally become a reality, and all she has to do is study, enjoy nights out, and try not to make her crush on the tasty and intense Self-Defence trainer, Carter, too obvious.

But her world is shattered when demons invade.

As powers Betha didn’t know she had begin to emerge, hopes of stopping the invasion fall to her, and Carter is tasked with keeping her alive.

Betha has no fighting ability, no matter how hard she tries, but everyone she knows is dying.

With Carter and her other friends surrounding her, will she be able to unlock the truth of her magic in time? Or will a cloak of darkness and despair shroud the land and destroy everything she loves?

If found family, slow burn romance, and unknown magic are your thing, pick up Choice of the Traveler today!