Everyone’s dying all around me.

They say at least 1% will survive this thing. It doesn’t take a genius to guess whoever does will be broken, lost, grieving, plunged into a world without order, and no one to enforce it anyway.
At least, no one but him.

I never thought I’d love again. In fact, I actively planned against it. But as civilization collapses, petty dictators and power centers grow, alliances and enemies form, and I grow to fit this scary world, it becomes clear that fate has other plans.

Before the apocalypse, we were strangers. Now our lives will forever be entwined.

This is a sweeping, epic saga that blends the romance of Outlander with the grittiness of Walking Dead and the war-mongering scale of Court of Thornes and Roses. Fans of swoon-worthy heroes, high-stakes action, and a heroine who grows into her power will love this unforgettable slow-burn saga of life after the apocalypse.