Beyond the Empyrean

Book One of the Along Time’s Edge series
27th century metahuman Heliodore ‘Hel’ Brand is a heavy-gravity miner working on hellish Gehenna for one of the oligarchs of the Maia system. Following the stunning revelation that he is a Starsong savant, one of very few who can hear the singing of a faster-than-light network, his life only becomes more complicated. After being driven ruthlessly by his boss on many dangerous missions to listen to Starsong in every corner of the solar system, Hel is nearing the end of a desperate race to be the first to open the Empyrean Gate just as the system is thrown into chaos by a miner rebellion. But should the Gate even be opened? Hel’s actions may either preserve his oppression or end it. This leaves him to navigate a precarious game with only his passions to guide him, which include his love for an oligarch‘s son who has secrets of his own.

Whether you’re eager for LGBTQ characters in science fiction or just want to enjoy an exciting new space opera, this thrilling new novel is just right for you.