Back in Funeral Black

Book One of The Chronicles of Henry Mack series
It’s not easy having a zombie for a sister, but it does come in handy sometimes…

Henry MacDonald—Mack to his friends—is the best-looking catch and dispatch officer to ever liaise with the Scottish Otherworld and Paranormal Department, if you ask him. Of course, no one did, especially not his (un)dead sister Ollie.

Still, it’s a blow to be kept off the latest case: the murder of his own Granda.

The death of the esteemed wizard must be avenged. The murderous demon summoned to kill him, stopped. There’s also the task of tracking down that bit of magic that might bring Ollie back to life properly. Oh, and paperwork to be lodged for the apprentice Mack has taken on.

If only he could find that pen…

Black in Funeral Black is an urban fantasy novel with humour, heart and a touch of horror. It also depicts the reality of living with autism, ADHD and a tendency for decomposition.

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