A King’s Immolation

This is the first book in an exciting generational trilogy. It describes the life of three brothers and the death of three Kings. Magic is practiced by four orders of monks, a secret fifth order of seers and a female order who spend most of their time disguised as hedge witches. All work for the good of Merendus and all those within its borders.

The Grey Monk Sterling and the White Monk Tavian strive against a magical enemy, ancient and vile, trying to destroy Merendus. The same entity will encourage a Demon Prince to attack Merendus from another realm, which could ultimately wipe out life on the entire world. By triggering a magical spell originally meant for travelling through dimensions, Merendus’ enemies are trying to suck all the life magic from the world for no other reason than petty jealousy and revenge. Black Trolls are in a war with the human population due to the inspiration of an erroneous prophecy in their holy book.

With Standoffish Elves and isolationist Dwarves as reluctant allies and belligerent Black Trolls the current bane to the population of Merendus, which side will the Dragons take?

With confrontation and war looming, will chaos touch the life of every soul in Merendus?