• What is #indieapril?

    #indieapril is a hashtag created to celebrate indie and self published authors and books. Many indie books are hidden gems as they don't get the marketing budgets of larger publishing houses, and they deserve a spotlight too.

  • What's the purpose of this sale?

    To help readers find new authors, books, and series to love.

  • Do you use affiliate links?

    At this point, no. You won't find any affiliate links on this site. We might use them in the future to help cover the cost of hosting and our time (this sale alone took us over sixty hours to organize).

    None of the authors had to pay a fee to participate either. We're here to support the community so I hope that's where the money goes.

    If you want to help us out, buy books!

  • Why isn't this book discounted in my region?

    All the authors/publishers are responsible for discounting their books. It's possible certain books aren't available everywhere or the discount didn't translate. We asked everyone to be considerate of international readers but we can't control everything.

  • I'm an indie author and would like to join the next sale.

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